5 Digital Signage Trends that Could Change the Future of Advertising

6th August 2017

5 Digital Signage Trends that Could Change the Future of Advertising

Technology transforms the way we communicate as human beings, providing ever evolving ways in which advertisers can connect with their target markets. In less than a decade, digital advertising and signage has become one of the fastest growing advertising mediums, both in this country and globally.

Digital out of home advertising – or DOOH – uses LCD screens to display advertising and information in strategic locations, enabling advertisers to capture the attention of their target market in the perfect time and place. DOOH can take the form of single screens or multi screen media walls, and offers great variety and flexibility, showing static images, slideshows, social media and even live news feeds. More than that though, DOOH creates opportunities for connecting with consumers like never before.


Here’s just a few trends that are making waves in the world of digital advertising


The bar for quality content is high

Probably the best thing about digital advertising, is the levels of engagement it creates with potential clients and customers. In terms of content there is huge opportunity for advertisers to look for new ways of developing exciting and relevant visual content.


Broadcasters and agencies are catching on

The fact that broadcasters and advertising agencies have shown faith in the power of digital advertising is a sign that DOOH is the media of the future. CNN, ABC and NBC all use DOOH to target specific markets across various industries, including healthcare and education. Advertising agencies are increasingly encouraging their clients to choose DOOH over traditional media, to provide on-location, highly targeted advertising that ensures far higher levels of consumer engagement.


Brands are investing in DOOH

TV viewership, and hence the return on investment for TV commercials, has declined significantly in the past decade. The same can be said for print media. Many big brands – such as Samsung – are now investing in heavily digital advertising, to generate brand awareness and also to provide the immersive brand experience that is required for successful product launches and point of sale promotions.


Cross platform integration and interaction

The great thing about technology is that it is in constant development. When digital advertising first entered the industry, it was primarily in the form of digital and electronic signboards. While this in itself revolutionised media and advertising, the current possibilities for cross platform integration are fantastic. Integration of social media and hand held consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets into DOOH content helps connect consumers to brands like never before. DOOH technology that includes touch screens is able to
provide an engaging and interactive experience for consumers.


DOOH is more affordable for SMEs

Now that the technology behind digital signage and advertising is more established, it has become an affordable option for smaller businesses that previously would not have had the budget for digital and video campaigns. Because DOOH campaigns can be so meticulously targeted, both in terms of unique content and location, the return on investment is also far greater when compared to other advertising mediums such as print and TV.


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