5 Tips to Take your Digital Advertising Campaign from so-so to Super

6th August 2017

5 Tips to Take your Digital Advertising Campaign from so-so to Super

When digital out of home advertising (DOOH) first popped onto the scene, the whole concept was exciting and revolutionary in terms of using technology to connect and interact with consumers in real time, yet there were some limits on creativity. But as we all know, technology is not a static thing – and thanks to continuous development in hardware and software, the creative possibilities are fast becoming limitless.

Digital advertising is so flexible, and there’s a whole world of opportunity out there to create campaigns that deliver fantastic results. All it takes is a little imagination and willingness – not just to think outside the box, but to step outside it and kick it to the corner.


Integrate for better brand experiences

The past few years have seen unprecedented growth in technology that provides interactive experiences. We’ve been spoilt for choice, our expectations are high, and we’re fickle when it comes to our media consumption. It’s imperative that digital advertising be exciting, relevant and integrated across various platforms (such as social media and hand held mobile devices) in order to meet these expectations and provide memorable brand experiences.


Use new technology as it emerges

Early DOOH campaigns were limited by technology and usually featured a series of spot adverts on digital signage, running on a loop. Many advertisers are still stuck in this loop, even though the technology behind digital advertising now offers far greater possibilities. By embracing new technology digital campaigns can be interactive and experiential to ensure higher engagement.


Think BIG

While DOOH allows for specific targeting according to location and demographics, the flexibility is perfect for national and global campaigns. Campaigns that require a very wide reach such as national and global product launches are feasible, affordable by harnessing digital advertising networks, and are easily managed from a central hub.


… But also think small

One of the key benefits of DOOH is that it allows advertisers to be extremely on point in targeting the required market. While a narrow target market will generate fewer results in terms of numbers, the quality of engagement and interaction is always higher. What’s important to remember is context: pulling together factors such as demographics, location, personal relevance, call to action and social media integration, into a focused strategy.


Collaborate for great results

A complex campaign will require many different elements – from technology and installation, to creative direction and media production. Truly great digital advertising is the result of industry professionals pooling their resources and skills – so don’t be afraid of networking, and collaborating with others to develop a ‘dream team’ that seamlessly brings an idea to life while fully utilising all the potential that DOOH has to offer.


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