What is the Best Position to Locate my Advert?

12th May 2017

What is the Best Position to Locate my Advert?

With the DOOH market continuously growing at a fast rate, the number of screens used for advertising are more readily available across the country. This gives you the opportunity to position your adverts in various different formats and locations whether it be on a digital 6 sheet totem in a town centre or on a digital 48 sheet position on the side of a road.

The position of the screen is important for both the landlord and the advertisers as it need to be in the ideal position to allow more people to be able to take notice and view the adverts.
This therefore leads firstly to the demographics of your targeted audience as you’ll want to position your screens in areas that target the desired demographics of your advertisers. If you’re targeting shoppers then you will be looking at placements in town centres and shopping centres, or even internally in shops. If your advertisers are local companies then again, they would be looking to advertise in these areas.

The national advertisers will look more at the roadside screens as well as shopping centres in order to broaden the demographic.

Once you’ve chosen your demographic the next choice will be locating a prominent position in the selected area to make it as visible as possible to the targeted audience. If the screen is to be located roadside then you will need to choose a position that is clear of any obstructions and in a visible space. It will also need to be in a position that will not distract the driver from their line of sight while driving i.e flat on the side of a building alongside the road. For shopping centres these are ideally located above the entrance or above main walkways if digital 48 sheet LED’s or again in the main walkways if digital 6 sheet totems. Try and select a location that is not near other billboards as to give you your own unrivalled market for advertisers and not trying to compete.


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