Digital Signage Content That Captures Attention

Do you use bullet points or long sentences?

Does your content flash by too quickly to read or too slow to hold attention?

Are you keeping the same content for weeks at a time?

Mass Media Advertising offer digital signage content that captures the attention of audiences across the UK.

Creating a dynamic, imaginative and visually appealing advert is crucial to a successful DOOH campaign and a lot of careful consideration goes into making top-quality, eye-catching content and as a digital signage content provider, we are able to help you create an ad that will the attention of your audience

Facts about digital signage in the UK

Contextual Content

Contextual DOOH marketing increases visual attention by 20%. Digital signage content should be strong and creative but should not overpower the service or product itself. In the end, content is created to influence a customers’ purchasing decision.

Consider the audience – not all potential target audiences react the same way to content. What is the age of your audience, are they mostly male or female? Likewise considering location is a big factor too. Is your DOOH advert located at a Point of Transit, Point of Sale, or Point of Wait?

These are important factors to consider and as a digital signage content provider we understand how contextual content significantly contributes to influencing customers at point of sale.

With our digital content services we can create powerful content that engages your audience

Design Principals

Digital signage content should be brief, bold and colourful to catch attention, and for people to recollect them. Big lettering, contrasting colours and contextual content give great results for DOOH marketing ads as they catch the audience’s attention making it easy to read and remember. Most importantly, text should be clear and not distorted or people may not give it a second glance.

As a digital signage content provider , we understand that DOOH marketing isn’t just about writing information and putting it on a screen. We work smart by harnessing the contextual effect and create dynamic content that will deliver for its precise campaign.

Using Technology

To get your digital signage content to visually display as best as possible, it should be created to match the format and resolution of the display(s) it will be shown on.

Here at Mass Media Advertising we can offer the latest technology to enhance your DOOH marketing campaign making advertising on DOOH screens a great experience.

We can integrate technology such as motion movement, face and voice recognition and social sharing – allowing the audience to participate with your campaign. This, combined with multiple content updates, provides advertisers with a dynamic and flexible platform to harness consumer spend right near the point of sale.

With our digital content services we can create powerful content that engages your audience

Facts about digital signage in the UK


of billboard viewers look at the advertising message communicated


of those who saw a digital billboard could recall the specific message displayed


of consumers claim to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they’ve seen advertised digitally

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