Digital signage is the future of out of home media

22nd July 2018

As the world has become immersed in digital experiences, so have the mediums that companies choose to advertise their wares. But what of out of home media? Billboards, kiosks, banners and other outdoor advertising spots still command huge audiences. Digital signage used in these traditional environments can ensure that OOH advertising is highly engaging and in line with consumer expectations.

OOH advertising meets the digital age

The Advertising has changed a lot in the past few decades. Most companies have transitioned from traditional mediums such as print and TV in favour of online and digital advertising. However, there is still loads of potential for OOH advertising to be highly successful, by leveraging the power of new technologies. Many OOH companies are now upgrading their hardware to offer DOOH – digital out of home media. While traditional OOH media has only seen small increases in revenue over the past couple of years, shows constantly large increases in spending and revenue.

So what makes digital advertising so appealing?

Technology makes for more engaging advertising

The tech that is at the disposal of OOH companies is amazing – and it’s developing at an incredible rate. Bright, high resolution LED screens can provide sharp, bright, crystal clear image quality in a variety of locations – from video walls and billboards to kiosks, totems and town centre signage. Digital signage makes it possible to include video and slideshows. One can even integrate social media and interactivity with touch screen technology. All of this is far more engaging, and therefore highly effective advertising.

Digital signage eliminates high print costs

Not only is paperless advertising better for the environment, it’s more cost effective too. The costs of printing outdoor advertising, and then sending contractors out to install, can be very pricey – and those costs continue to add up in the long run. Digital out of home media offers long term cost savings, and is far more convenient. Adverts can be installed with the click of a button, and monitored from a single location. Making a small change to a digital advert is also far less expensive than reprinting an entire campaign.

Digital OOH is better at audience targeting

Advertisers like to know that their campaigns are reaching the right people. With traditional advertising, audience targeting is frequently hit and miss. Digital signage however offers the possibility for very precise target marketing, and the ability to make adjustments to targeting quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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