Digital advertising in support of Around the Boundary

21st November 2018

Digital advertising in support of Around the Boundary

The very first Around the Boundary took place in Reading on 27 May 2018, taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend to provide a day and night of superb family entertainment in aid of various local charities. Mass Media were pleased to be a sponsor by providing digital signage and advertising leading up to the day, to ensure that the event (which is set to become an annual occasion) was successful and well attended.

What is Around the Boundary all about?

Around the Boundary is a fundraising event for local Berkshire organisations in need of urgent financial support. This year’s event focused on raising money for Kidmore End Cricket Club, Kidmore End Playing Fields Committee, and The Chris Bevington Foundation.

The Kidmore End Cricket Club is a volunteer run community organisation that provides cricket coaching and development for children aged 5 and up to encourage love of the sport for all, regardless of background or ability. Kidmore End Playing Fields Committee run and maintain a community space that is available for various sports as well as yoga, pilates, birthday parties, knitting classes, and social groups. The Chris Bevington Foundation was set up in memory of Chris Bevington, who was tragically killed in the Stockholm terror attack on 7 April 2017, and aims to help disadvantaged young people through the positive effects of music.

How did Mass Media support the event?

As a local company who is committed to supporting the community, Mass Media was very proud to be a sponsor of Around the Boundary. We provided free digital advertising for the event at our Reading and Slough retail advertising locations, helping to create awareness of the event throughout Berkshire leading up to the big day.

An entertainment and fundraising success

Around the Boundary was a superb success, having received many overwhelmingly positive reviews on social media. The atmosphere was fun and festive, providing a day and evening of excellent entertainment to all who attended. Activities included live music, children’s entertainment, an array of the UK’s finest food trucks, coffee roasters and a superb bar featuring local liquor and beer producers. Around the Boundary is all set to take place again next year, and Mass Media would be honoured to sponsor the event once again.

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