Digital Signage Innovates Retail Advertising

7th August 2017

Digital Signage Innovates Retail Advertising

Fast paced and consumer driven, the retail industry is one where keeping up with technological advances is a must. In our technology driven world, consumers are coming to expect state of the art digital features to form part of their shopping experiences. This is where digital signage can really enhance those experiences, and change the face of retail advertising.


Technology driven advertising is intuitively understood by new generations of shoppers that are entering the market, and digital advertising provides an immersive and diverse experience that simply cannot be achieved through print or static signage.


There has been increased interest in digital advertising around the UK, and this trend is sure to become more and more popular. Interactive media screens are a huge drawcard for shopping centres, both in terms of attracting consumers with cutting edge technology, and creating additional sources of advertising revenue. Digital media also gives local and national businesses a new way in which to directly advertise to their target market within the consumer environment.


A prime example of digital signage that works brilliantly is the new media wall at Broad Street Mall in Reading. This six by four metre LED video wall represents the best of technology and meticulously planned content, coming together to provide shoppers visiting the mall with a modern, interactive experience.


The Broad Street Mall project was developed and implemented by Mass Media Advertising in conjunction with its sister company Project Audio Visual. These two organisations work together seamlessly to offer a comprehensive digital advertising solution. While Project Audio Visual handles all equipment and technology installations, Mass Media Advertising develops dynamic digital content to be displayed on the screens.


The beauty of the media wall concept, lies in its flexibility. The screens can be used to show static images, slideshows, videos and even live news feeds. Content developed by Mass Media Advertising combines all of these to create fantastic, on point advertising to benefit both shoppers and advertisers alike.


There’s no debating the fact that the future is digital. In fact, it would seem that the future is now, and retailers that don’t embrace new technology could well find themselves being left behind in the dust. For more information on digital advertising on media screens, or installing a media wall at your shopping centre, please contact us today.

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