Mass Media Case Study: Haslams Estate Agents

22nd February 2022

Mass Media Success Story

Haslams are the leading independent estate and lettings agents in Reading, which is also home to Mass Media and one of our flagship elite digital billboards on the A33.

Mass Media have been working with Haslams for many years providing them with premium and dynamic advertising. This has allowed Haslams to become a staple estate agent brand in Reading as they are displayed every minute on the A33 which garners 638,824 impacts every 2 weeks.

“Working with Mass Media, Haslams have been able to utilise cutting edge technology to remain at the forefront of the property industry. Mass Media have carefully considered the locations of their screens to maximise exposure, ultimately enabling Haslams to retain and attract new business. The account managers are always on hand to help and we have been impressed by the ability Mass Media have to change creative instantly.

Sophie Shearn ~ Assistant Marketing Director  


To drive traffic to their website, and to significantly increase brand awareness and become the exclusive estate agency brand in the Reading area.

Action Plan

Hit target audience with bold and relevant creatives whilst building awareness for the Haslams brand.


Haslams have retained and attracted a lot of new business during the time that we have been working with them and have remained at the forefront of the property industry. Their long term partnership with Mass Media has allowed them to become a household name in the Reading community.

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