Advertising in Bracknell 

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Bracknell’s old town centre has undergone enormous renovations, and The Lexicon is at the heart of the regeneration project. This £240 million state of the art retail and leisure development offers excellent advertising appeal, and Mass Media are able to offer a variety of digital signage locations throughout this complex.

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Superb digital advertising at The Lexicon in Bracknell

The regeneration of Bracknell has truly put this small, post-war town on the map. The Lexicon is a stylish and beautifully designed complex that incorporates the old town centre into a a wonderful shopping, dining and leisure destination, attracting visitors from surrounding areas such as Reading, Maidenhead and Windsor.

Advertising at retail and leisure locations is well known for its effectiveness, and the results are even better when digital advertising is used. Hundreds of thousands of shoppers and diners are expected to visit The Lexicon every year, and the attention of this wide audience is best captured using exciting and engaging digital signage.

Mass Media offers 8 double sided totems and a 3x2m digital LED billboard, in strategic locations throughout The Lexicon and Bracknell town centre. Our digital totems have various features, including wayfinding and interactivity, and are excellent for retail advertising as well as local and national brands.

Why choose digital signage at The Lexicon & Bracknell? 

The Lexicon is a high end, next generation retail and leisure development. As a modern retail hub, the centre will attract visitors who have high expectations, and digital signage can meet these.

We live in an age of technology where customers expect the same level of digital interaction from advertising and marketing, as they experience when using their mobile phones and tablets. Digital signage allows for interactivity (such as touch screen and voice recognition features) that add value to advertising, and enhance the experience with exciting and engaging visuals. Shoppers simply respond better to this kind of advertising.

While our digital advertising at The Lexicon sounds pretty high tech, it is also affordable. One of the best things about digital signage is that it can be customised to meet budget requirements, and is easier and inexpensive to edit if campaign details need to be changed.

In short, the digital advertising that we offer in Bracknell is cost effective, while still delivering superior results.

Why choose Mass Media for digital advertising Bracknell? 

Mass Media boasts the skills, experience and resources to take your local or national campaign to the next level. We can handle every single aspect of your campaign for you (from the creation of content right through to installation), making the whole process of developing a digital campaign seamless and hassle free.

We understand the needs of digital marketing, and will listen to your ideas and develop campaigns that bring your vision into reality – while sticking to a budget.

We are affordable to even small businesses, due to the fact that our packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Customised packages also mean that it is possible to target narrow audiences with advertising at specific locations and times of day, and days of the week.



End 2017; shopper population is expected to grow by 17%.
The shopping population is expected to quadruple to 151,000.


 8 totems;

7 double sided

1 single sided

3 x 2 meter LED


Bracknell’s affluent catchment is set to triple in size

879,000 by the end of 2017, and to 1 million by 2024.

(Source: FSP Retail Business Consultants).


89% of households have incomes greater than the UK average.
~ income is £50,299 –  35% more than the UK average


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