Advertising in Gloucester 

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With Gloucester being the home to 3 shopping centres as well as the traditional high street shopping area, there really is a great choice for both locals and visitors to the area to enjoy a day out shopping in this vibrant city centre. Mass Media are able to offer a variety of digital signage locations throughout the city centre in strategic locations.

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Superb digital advertising in Gloucester

Gloucester is a city in the West of England well known for its rich heritage and 11th century cathedral which along with its superb selection of retail outlets and dining options is a trully inviting place for visitors from all over as well as locals within its catchment.

Advertising at retail and leisure locations is well known for its effectiveness, and the results are even better when digital advertising is used. With over 3 million visitors to the city every year along with the local residents, the attention of this wide audience is best captured using exciting and engaging digital signage.

Mass Media offers 8 double sided digital totems, in strategic locations throughout the city centre. Our digital totems have various features, including wayfinding and interactivity, and are excellent for retail advertising as well as local and national brands.

Why choose digital signage for your advertising in Gloucester? 

Gloucester is home to 3 shopping centres as well as the traditional High Street shopping experience. This as well as its rich heritage attracts visitors from all over and our digital signage can help to get your message across to people from all walks of life.

As our strategicaly placed locations cover all areas of the city centre including locations by each of the Eastgate, Kings Walk and Gloucester Quays shopping centres as well as throughout the town centre, Mass Media can provide a brilliant platform to allow our clients to promote their brand throughout this vibrant city centre.

While our digital advertising in Gloucester sounds pretty high tech, it is also affordable. One of the best things about digital signage is that it can be customised to meet budget requirements, and is easier and inexpensive to edit if campaign details need to be changed.

In short, the digital advertising that we offer in Gloucester is cost effective, while still delivering superior results.

Why choose Mass Media for digital advertising Gloucester? 

Mass Media boasts the skills, experience and resources to take your local or national campaign to the next level. We can handle every single aspect of your campaign for you (from the creation of content right through to installation), making the whole process of developing a digital campaign seamless and hassle free.

We understand the needs of digital marketing, and will listen to your ideas and develop campaigns that bring your vision into reality – while sticking to a budget.

We are affordable to even small businesses, due to the fact that our packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Customised packages also mean that it is possible to target narrow audiences with advertising at specific locations and times of day, and days of the week.

D6 Locations in Gloucester



The population of Gloucester is circa 131,00 which is currently growing at a rate of 1.1% per annum.

Annual visitors to Gloucester is over 3.2 million spending more that £200m per annum


 8 double sided digital totems;


Eastgate Shopping Centre: Over 150,000 per week

Kings Walk Shopping Centre: Over 200,000 per week

Gloucester Quays: Over 40,000 per week

City Centre:


Catchment area of over 320,000


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