Advertising in Sheffield

Are you looking for an advertising location that offers fantastic exposure for your brand? Mass Media offers advertising in Sheffield at Meadowhall – one of the UK’s largest super-regional shopping centres. Millions of shoppers pass through this centre every year, ensuring that businesses who advertise here are guaranteed maximum visibility.

Digital retail advertising at Meadowhall gives amazing exposure 

Located in Sheffield, Meadowhall is an enormous shopping centre that boasts an excellent variety of high street stores and leisure activities such as dining and cinema. This is a very popular shopping mall that attracts visitors from many surrounding cities, such as Manchester, Leeds, York, Rotherham, Nottingham and Derby.

With such a large catchment area, and demographics that include shoppers from various age groups and income groups, Meadowhall is an ideal location that allows advertisers to expose their brands to a very large audience. The planned additions to Meadowhall, which will increase the size of the centre’s leisure and entertainment areas, makes this centre even more attractive.

Digital advertising opportunities provided by Mass Media at Meadowhall include:

• A video wall viewed by approximately 400 000 visitors every week
• 21 x 51 inch suspended plasma screens in strategic high traffic locations

Why choose advertising in Sheffield? 

Meadowhall is immense, busy and popular – and simply by foot count alone offers maximum exposure for any promotional efforts. The effect of this exposure is enhanced through digital advertising that uses video, interactive feeds and animation to engage shoppers. Digital advertising is simply more exciting to look at, is thus more likely to be noticed, and result in successful leads and builing of brand awareness.

Digital mall advertising is also affordable for smaller businesses, who want to capture the attention of shoppers in the best way possible without breaking the bank. The beauty of digital signage is that it is flexible, specific locations in the centre can be chosen, as well as specific times of the day and days of the week, to ensure that an advertising campaign remains within budget.

Not only does this flexibility allow for smaller budgets; but it gives brands the ability to really fine tune their advert locations and timings to a very specific target market within the wider audience.


Why choose Mass Media for digital advertising?

Mass Media are experts in digital media – both the technical side, and the creative side. We have a great deal of experience in this field, and can handle all aspects of digital advertising campaigns. We can create content, and install everything on location so that it works perfectly and our clients don’t have to worry about a thing.

We listen to our clients, and work within their budgets while still providing solutions that meet their advertising needs. Our team are highly knowledgeable, and creative, and can help you to develop either local or national advert campaigns to produce the results that you need.



Off-peak ~ shopping trip time is 1 hour & 55 min
Peak times ~ shopping trip time is 2 hrs & 23 min
~ party spend is £102


2 x LED outdoor

Pixel 6.9



Millions visitors yearly

Weekly footfall 480,000~



64% customers ABC1

47% aged 25 – 44 yrs

78% female  22% male

59% customers have children


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