Advertising in Portsmouth

Are you looking for an affordable way to advertise your business in Portsmouth, that also generates fantastic results? Digital signage, strategically placed in a high traffic shopping centre is an ideal solution that won’t break the bank, and works for all businesses – large and small.

Promote your brand with digital advertising in Portsmouth 

Mass Media provides digital advertising in Portsmouth, inside the bustling Cascades Shopping Centre. One of the most popular shopping centres in Portsmouth, the Cascades Shopping Centre has a wide range of High Street retailers, with an average footfall of 197,000 per week. That’s almost 200 000 prospective customers exposed to your brand every week when you advertise through digital signage at this centre!

At the Cascades Shopping Centre, Mass Media currently offers 5 x D6 digital panels, which are placed to provide maximum exposure to all shoppers who visit the centre.

Cascades Shopping Centre, Commercial Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 4RL

Why choose digital outdoor advertising? 

In this technological age, static advertising has become stale. People simply react better to digital advertising, as it provides a more interactive experience. While shopping centre advertising has proven to be one of the best ways to target potential customers in real time, using digital advertising in the retail arena can take this one step further.

Visually exciting digital signage, placed in areas that offer high footfall, engages and entertains shoppers to result in more successful conversions and leads being generated. From video and image slideshows, to social media feeds, a variety of media can be combined to create digital adverts that truly make an impact.

Why choose Mass Media for advertising in Portsmouth? 

At Mass Media, we offer two things that many other advertisers don’t – affordability and flexibility. Instead of offering set price packages, we focus on tailoring our digital signage campaigns to each client’s specific needs and budget, making digital outdoor advertising affordable to businesses of all sizes.

In addition to customising our packages, we’re also great at listening to our client’s ideas to develop campaigns that are focused on results. Campaigns can be short term or long term, adverts can be shown at different times of the day, on weekends or during the week – the choice is yours depending on your budget, and your target audience.



72 minute average dwell time

250,000 sq of retail space

  80+ Retail Outlets


3 Digital Totems;

2 Dual Sided

1 Single Sided


Yearly          10.2 mill~

Monthly         853 666~

Weekly          197 000~




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