Capture Attention on the Road with Digital Billboard Advertising


When you’re driving a car, what could be more highly visible than a billboard? Well designed billboards have the potential to really capture the attention of drivers, and this is especially true of high tech digital billboards that offer higher visibility, more creative flexibility and are also more affordable to advertisers.



Billboard Advertising  

We’ve all seen billboards. Also known as hoardings, they’re the large outdoor boards that are used for displaying outdoor advertising. They’re typically found in high-traffic areas, such as busy roads, and command high-density consumer exposure. They afford great visibility due to their size and their usually brief message with bold, bright images.

Smaller billboards may be found along less busy arterial roads where commuters may largely be found. Alternatively, such outdoor advertising may be found on public transport, such as the side of a bus, where they also have high visibility.

There are different types of billboards now available. In addition to the traditional static billboards, there has been a growth in digital billboards, which show moving images and change adverts on a regular basis to match the changing demographics. For example, in London, the Piccadilly Lights, the large digital advertising billboards famous the world over, can react to changing weather conditions to tailor the offer to match the weather.

How do Billboards work?

Advertising billboards are a great way to reach a wide audience of potential customers.

Billboard advertising works as it’s a form of ‘interruption marketing’, which means that they attract attention as the target audience goes about its normal day. They cannot be ignored. An advertising billboard can reach hundreds or even thousands of people every day for a very reasonable cost.

In busy areas, such as London and the South of the country, it’s an effective way to get your message across and literally stand out from the crowd.

Goals of advertising on a billboard?

The ultimate goal of any advertising campaign is a brand recall. This can be particularly tricky in areas such as London and the South, where there is huge competition for space.

Why is billboard advertising effective?

Anyone in the advertising industry will agree that billboard advertising is a great way to communicate both about the products and services a company offers, and it’s brand. For business, whether local or national, it should form part of an advertising campaign.

While a billboard may not make an immediate impression on the target audience, it’s been proven that over time its unchanging presence imprints the advertising into people’s minds. They have no option but to read the message, which is generally short and bold. Over time, billboard advertising builds brand recognition and trust in the minds of that will be left in the minds of the passersby, even if they may be unaware that they’ve even seen the advertising.

It’s no wonder that even in this digital age, companies still rely on this more traditional form of advertising, whether they’re a national company or a local one.

How much does a billboard cost in the UK?

Please see below to help give you an idea of what it may cost to advertise on a billboard:

It is important to note that the costs vary though dependant on size and location as more affluent and busier areas will command a higher fee. also bigger billboard like a D96 will command a higher fee.

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