Here at Mass Media Advertising we have a fresh new approach to digital outdoor advertising, unlike bigger advertising giants, we don’t offer off the shelf prices. We design flexible and cost effective packages- making affordable digital advertising accessible to everyone. We like to listen to our client’s ideas and requirements and put together bespoke DOOH packages that not only deliver results but match your budget.

We can put together short term or long-term campaigns that are shown at different times of the day/night/weekend based on your budget and who your target audience is for your campaign. We also offer local and national campaigns

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What is DOOH?

DOOH stands for Digital-out-of-Home and includes any form of digital screen, billboard, totem, kiosk etc that is used for marketing purposes outside of the home.

What will it cost to Advertise?

The cost will be totally dependent on what your requirements are, the campaign length and also the location of the campaign whether it be one set location or over a network. We will work with you throughout the whole process to build an effective campaign to suit whatever your budget may be.

Can I choose where my Advert will be shown?

The simple answer is yes. We will work with you to select the most appropriate location(s) to show your advert whether it be a local business or national brand that you wish to promote. We can select locations across our network that include both 48 Sheet Digital Billboards and 6 Sheet Digital Totems.

How long will my campaign last and what's the best campaign length?

We can create a campaign to last any duration that you desire however research has shown that 12 weeks is the best advised for national campaigns and 2 weeks for local advertisers.

What are the benefits of Advertising on Digital-out-of-Home Media?

There are many benefits including;

  • Increased ROI
  • Increased Brand Awareness, Increased Revenue of your profiled product
  • Massively increased target audience, 10x greater audience attention than traditional signage
  • Ability to change your advert quickly and efficiently during a campaign at a far less cost than traditional printed signage
How much exposure time will my ad receive?

This is totally dependent on the bespoke campaign designed for you.

Can I have multiple Ad's in my campaign if I run multiple offers?

Yes this is possible although there will be additional charges.

Who will create my advert?

Typically most clients will either have a contracted design agency or have an in house designer for creating adverts although we can quote for this at an additional charge if required. We will advise on all the specifics required for when creating the content.



DOOH can’t be switched off and creates wider audience targeting


It’s non-intrusive to consumers, engaging a more friendly customer experience


Interactive experiences create a connection between your brand and consumers


Dynamic, interactive, updated content, delivered in real time captures audiences at point of sale


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