Top Tips for a Memorable Digital Out Of Home Creative

13th January 2022

At Mass Media Outdoor we know the importance of utilising Digital Out Of Home and creative artwork to make the most out of your campaign, deliver the message and gain the best results.


Less Is More

It’s vital that when using Digital Out Of Home the creative isn’t overloaded with text and imagery. Keep it simple, your advert will be viewed by audiences for a short amount of time. Aim to spark interest and make an impression, seek to intrigue rather than come across too informative. Digital Out Of Home is one of the first advertising touch points so its best use is to guide an make audiences aware of your presence.

Eye Catching 

Of course having an eye catching campaign is one of the staples of a successful advertising campaign. Be bold, creative and use bright colours to capture your audiences attention. Design is everything, consider using imagery over text to deliver a visually stimulating creative that stands out from the crowd. 

Clear Branding 

Make sure your branding is the focal point of the creative. Any text, imagery or colours should always be aligned to the brand to ensure that the campaign is recognisable and links to the product or service you are delivering. Be proud and use your logo, Digital Out Of Home is your opportunity to display it to the masses. 

Be Reactive

The major benefit of using Digital Out Of Home is you can change your creative almost instantly. Successful advertisers use this to their advantage as this boasts a major creative opportunity to play on real time events in the world and blend them with an advertising idea. Audiences respond better to something that is current or on trend, it’s great for brand image as it gives the impression the brand is personable and relatable. For example previous advertisers have included football themed advertising during major tournaments, or even seasonal advertising to be as current as possible. 

Understand your Audience 

It’s imperative to know what it is your audience wants to see to help influence the design and delivery of the creative. Look at the demographics of your target audience and the key features of your product or service. Build on these aspects to ensure your advert gains maximum engagement with your target audience. 

Call to Action 

Encourage your audience to take action by being direct and clear in your messaging. 66% of people who notice an Out Of Home Advert take action on their smart phone so it’s important to recognise having CTA is vital when gaining engagement from your Out Of Home creative.    


Visit Malta ~ M25 Heathrow Gateway

Visit Malta take full advantage of our 12 metre D98 screen on the M25 by using a wide shot of the beautiful city of Malta, catching the audiences eye and transporting them to the location.

CV Library ~ Ealing Road Elite

CV Library created a great reactive campaign using a humorous tone whilst capitalising on current public events. They also exhibit a clear call to action so that the campaign is not only memorable, it directs potential clients towards their website.

Reading FC ~ Reading Town Centre

Mass Media associate partner Reading Football Club exhibit clear branding on our local Reading Town Centre screen. They deliver a clear message about the fan store and also understand their audience well by placing the campaign in the local area and highlighting some much loved Reading FC players. 

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