Advertising Slough 

We have a digital billboard situated on dual carriageway section of A4 west bound London Road/Bath Road. This digital billboard is Opposite the largest Tesco store in the UK with 70,000 shoppers in Tesco each day in addition to the 120 000 daily passing cars and is a great way to showcase your brand to the public.

Many companies choose to have a large advert placed on a billboard which will capture people’s attention and generate more interest in the brand or product. Our team can discuss your budget and the scope you want to ensure you get the perfect campaign.

High Street (A4), Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1LN (51.51002517, -0.59178592)


Why choose digital advertising in Slough?  

Digital signage is appealing and with interactive potential, offers so much more than traditional advertising. Customers can be targeted in real time, and the content of digital advertising is by nature more engaging and exciting. Our advertising is affordable compared to other digital media such as television, and also eliminated the need for printing costs, which can be unexpectedly high. Campaigns and content can be customized to suit your budget, and to ensure results that offer a fantastic return on investment. Advertising in Slough is a great location to promote your brand through enticing digital marketing to attract new customers

Why choose Mass Media for digital advertising in Slough? 

Affordable, flexible and convenient – at Mass Media, we ensure that our digital outdoors advertising services are feasible and practical for companies of all sizes.
We listen to our clients – their needs, their budgets, their ideas – and develop marketing campaigns that are tailored to meet these requirements. We offer various locations across the UK, and content can be played only at specific times of the night or day. This flexibility makes it easier to work to a budget, while still ensuring that target markets are reached.





LED outdoor

D48 (6 x 3 metre)

Pixel Pitch = 10



120,000 views per day

840,000 views per week

1,680,000 views per fortnight



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